In our toddler program, we encourage our youngest learners’ natural curiosity as we construct the basic building blocks of a STEM education. By asking the right questions and allowing our students to explore the world of the classroom using all of their senses, we expand our Explorers’ scientific learning and lead them towards discovery. Learning naturally takes place during play with water, shadows, sand and other manipulatives, where open-ended questions allow our students to explore the possibilities of their environment. “What does the soil feel like?” “What do you notice about how it’s moving?” and “What happens if we add water?”

The teacher serves two main purposes: assisting children in developing new skills and facilitating interplay between children and the environment. The goal of our classroom is to give toddlers an introduction to the basic STEM principles as they develop social intelligence and life skills through team-building and brain-building activities, art, movement, and music.  

Our students also learn self-reliance and self-confidence. From hand washing, to serving lunch, feeding themselves, and cleaning up, our students develop and practice these important skills.


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