In our preschool program, our interactive curriculum expands on the four basic STEM concepts, molding our Inventors into creative thinkers and problem solvers.  As our students build rockets, robots, and other cool gizmos, they are learning the foundations of scientific inquiry and exploration and taking the first steps towards becoming the world changers of tomorrow.

Kepler STEM School is much more than just “science time”. Our teachers incorporate ways to develop children’s understanding in all content areas, encouraging our students’ natural curiosity. As our Inventors  wonder about the world around them, questioning what things are called, how they work, and why things happen, our encouraging staff is right beside them to help promote a lifelong interest in learning.

Our Project Based Learning approach allows our students to find solutions for real life challenges. When studying aerospace, the children will learn about planes and rockets, then be given time to design, build and test their own creations. In this approach, our Inventors’ minds can truly take flight as they learn.

Literacy & Enrichment

Our students develop strong literacy skills through one-on-one instruction, group activity, and independent study. Additionally, the arts play a major role in bringing STEM to life within the curriculum. Kepler STEM School also provides exciting daily enrichment classes in Art, Spanish, Cooking, Drama, Music, and Movement.

Stop Motion Animation made by our 3-6 year old Inventors!