“Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will take you everywhere!" - Albert Einstein


The world is filled with wonder for our 18 month - 3 year old students, and our curriculum is designed to encourage questioning, creativity, and discovery. In our multi-age classrooms, our Explorers learn self-reliance and self-confidence. From hand washing, to serving lunch, feeding themselves, and cleaning up, our students develop and practice these skills every day.

Students are immersed in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through interactive lessons, projects, and creative play. We develop strong literacy skills through print exposure, story time, and guided lessons. Our teachers model using descriptive vocabulary throughout the curriculum, helping our students to develop their unique voices.

Explorers study the following units:

  • Colors

  • Human Body

  • Dinosaurs

  • Earth

  • and more!


Designed around Kindergarten TEKS, our Inventors curriculum is challenging, thought-provoking, and engaging. Our students explore all subjects - Literacy, Math, Technology, Civics, and the Arts- through Science and Engineering units of study.

Additionally, our students work on their Literacy and Math skills with one-on-one instruction with their teachers, in small groups, and through independent activities based on their unique needs and skill sets.

We are proud of the questioning, creative problem-solving, and cooperative learning skills our students develop as they explore the world of STEM through the following units of study:


  • Electricity

  • Plants

  • Animals & Life Cycles

  • Sound & Light

  • and more!


  • Simple Machines

  • Circuits

  • Flight

  • and more!